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Goldup, Be My Cofounder & more

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As a lot of cities have entered lockdown #2, we want to make sure we have great events & content for you to keep your energy high!

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🚀 Recruiting From Anywhere Summit 🇬🇧 December 2nd from 4 to 7pm CEST
✨Proudly presented together with AWS, Hiresweet & Remote

A time of crisis is also one of opportunity. It’s definitely time to leverage the global remote talent pool & learn from the pioneers of tomorrow’s working culture 🌎 We’ll be addressing every step of recruiting from sourcing, selection, onboarding, retention & planning.

And of course, we’ll do so with incredible speakers:

Come learn from entrepreneurs, empower your team, create bonds remotely & scale your company efficiently 🔥

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💖 🇫🇷 Goldup: Open House Day!
Goldup is the most caring online program for women launching their online business

Want to launch your online business? Want to do it alongside 350+ other badass women helping each other out? Still have a few questions before clicking the “join”  button? 

Meet Alice & Melanie this Thursday at 12pm for a quick presentation of what the bootcamp is and, of course, time to answer your questions 💖

Goldup has accompanied more than 400 women in just one year, and some of the cool projects include

  • Youzd: Vinted, but for furniture

  • MakeMyMask: The kit to make your own masks

  • Startaler: The app that help teach finance to women

  • Kiin: The online and offline workout community

  • Clap Paris: Jewelry you can clip everywhere 

➡️ Applications for our upcoming 100% online bootcamp (in French, Dec. 1-11) to start your business are now open! Apply here.


🔥🇬🇧 Be My Cofounder! December 5th from 9:45 am to 2:00 pm CEST.
On Saturday morning, find your cofounder ✨

Because yes, the start of the second lockdown could be just the time to launch a new startup. But maybe you’re thinking that finding a cofounder in “normal” times is already so challenging, that it’d be impossible now. Well, that’s where we come in with THE solution to help you find the one 💍

It doesn't matter if you're just thinking about starting a company or have been working on it for months. What matters is your determination to change the status quo.

It’s 100% online, live and interactive. It’s THE opportunity to maximize your chances of discovering people who share your passion and who are also looking for cofounders!

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🔥 New content that is now online

  • James Vincent, cofounder of FNDR, giving a voice to founders’ vision
    🇬🇧 Storytelling for startups
    His experience working directly with Steve Jobs at Apple every day for over a decade and helping to build the world's most loved brand, gives him a unique perspective on brands and on constructing the narrative for ground-breaking products like iPod, iTunes, iPhone, Apps Store & iPad. He founded and was CEO of Apple’s global agency of record, Media Arts Lab, and then went on to work directly with Brian Chesky at Airbnb building the Trips Platform before starting FNDR.

  • Juliette Delanoë, cofounder of
    🇬🇧 Meet the woman building the European identity verification giant
    Ubble’s mission is to bring civil identities to the online world in an easy and reliable way to sustain trust and security on the Internet. They make remote identity verification as reliable as a face-to-face check by using live video streaming and computer vision to authenticate both ID documents and their legitimate holders. Juliette also shares her stories on overcoming obstacles and pursuing success in an environment that many still feel to be male-dominated.


🚀💥 New The Family Program
The New The Family explained in Alice’s newsletter.

The Family is a fellowship of founders.Twice a year, The Family selects 50 startups from around the world. In exchange for 5% equity, we provide everything you need to build a scalable business: advice, mindset, network & a world-class investor demo day — no matter where you come from.



  • 5% EQUITY.


➡️ Apply right here!

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PS: Feel free to ping me whenever you want for more info on any of our events!

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