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Dear friend, 

I hope you had a beautiful weekend ☀️We have a super exciting week coming up & lots of news to share. Here we go:

Good Vibes this week 🇬🇧& 🇫🇷
After a little break from our daily radio show with founders we love & Alice, we’re back 😎

Monday with Antonin, CEO of Harmony- 🇬🇧(12:19pm)
A science-based approach to CBD.

Wednesday with Paul, CEO of Fretlink - 🇫🇷(12:19pm)
The future of transportation.

Thursday with Chris, CEO of Pasabi - 🇬🇧(12:19)
Cleaning up social channels.

Friday with Alexis, cofounder of Reddit & Initialized Capital - 🇬🇧(5:19pm)
Creating the front page of the internet.

Ask all your questions in real time & to enjoy some networking with the participants through a surprising chatroulette :) 


Ladies only: some Goldup news (in 🇫🇷)
Goldup is expanding its offer, to help & accompany much more women while staying 100% online, through our Bootcamp, our Subscription & The Circle.

 ✨Tuesday June 2nd: Goldup Online Pitch Contest!
5 amazing female entrepreneurs will have 5 minutes each to convince YOU alongside an amazing jury (Oussama Ammar, Emilie Benoit & Myriam Levain). Come have fun and vote for your favourite project here!


Be My Cofounder 🇬🇧Saturday June 6th from 9.45am to CEST
100% online, live and interactive:

Be My Cofounder has a new refined format for group discussions that allow you to (1) get feedback on your company ideas, (2) come up with other great problems to tackle with founders who share your interest in a certain industry.

You can also now keep the conclusions of those conversations, as well as the contact details of all other 50+ attendees, forever! We tried it out two weeks ago & the feedback have been unanimously great :) 

Get your ticket here!


Customer Experience Summit 🇬🇧June 18th from 4 to 7.30pm CEST

🗝 We are super excited to organize this live event, to give you the keys to today’s hidden CX kingdom, in partnership with AWS & Freshworks

We crafted a unique online summit, inviting founders from all around the world, renowned speakers giving their take on creating memorable Customer Experiences.

  1. Learn how to create a Fan Base

  2. Find the leading-edge of CX

  3. Get inspired by pioneers

  4. Share insights with peers

👀 Keep an eye out for the announcements of our incredible speakers this week & don’t forget to save your spot here


These Good Vibes that are now online!

* Adham Hassan, CEO of Oka Media
L’agence vidéo nouvelle génération

* Aude Guéneau, CEO of Plume
Faire aimer l’écriture aux enfants

* Gregory Edberg, cofounder of Leuwen 
🇬🇧Financial advisory for ambition entrepreneurs 

* Carole Juge, CEO of Joone 
🇬🇧Bringing transparency to the next level

* Guillaume Portalier, cofounder of Prospectin 
🇬🇧Linkedin automation made easy

* Guillaume Jeannot, CEO de Merci Jack 
ll prend soin de la santé de nos bâtiment

* Thomas Effantin, CEO de Trusk
Révolutionner la livraison des gros objets

* Edoardo Moreni, CEO de Emma 
🇬🇧The best app to take care of your finances

Have a great week,


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