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Don’t miss the cofounder of King on good vibes ❤️

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We started the “Good Vibes Radio” 45 minutes interview format at the beginning of the lockdown, every single week day. We think this new format is a great way to showcase incredible entrepreneurs and to get to interact with you. So we’re keeping our radio show going, but reducing its frequency to 2-3 a week :) 

Good Vibes this week 🇬🇧
Live interactive chats with founders we love & Alice Zagury.

Tuesday with Thibauld, CEO of Fairmint 🇬🇧(5:19pm)
Turning your customers into your investors.

Thursday with Riccardo, cofounder of King - 🇬🇧(1:30pm)
Creators of unforgettable games like Candy Crush.

Yes, you’ve read it well: the CEO of (Candy Crush, Bubble Witch and Farm heroes…) will be joining our daily show!


Customer Experience Summit 🇬🇧Thursday June 18th from 4 to 7.30pm CEST

Turning Customers into Fans ✨ in partnership with AWS & Freshworks.

During this unique online summit, the following incredible speakers from all around the world will share their take on creating memorable Customer Experiences:

Rick Nucci, Founder & CEO at Guru
Roman Melzer, Head of Customer Care at Zooplus
Oussama Ammar, Cofounder at The Family
Cyril Seghers, Founder at Skilleos
Gaëtan Gachet, Chief Startegy Officer at Algolia
Guillaume Cabane, Growth Advisor
Jeremy Goillot, Head of Growth at Spendesk
Ivan Kirigin, investor at
Julia Barry, Startup Business development Manager at AWS France 
Arun Mani, President at Freshworks Europe 

👀Keep an eye out for the announcement of our last surprise speaker this week & don’t forget to save your spot here


These Good Vibes that are now online!

* Maxime Huzar, CEO of Spacefill
The largest European warehousing network

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