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Join us on October 14 for the First-Time Founder Summit

Hello entrepreneur ☀️

Feeling good?

You will, after watching this video.

During one of our First-Time Founder Summits, we had Claudette from Fempo telling us how they dealt with traction as a team. One phrase struck me:

Community first, product second.

It’s so essential, yet it can be easily overlooked.

One of the cool things about these summits is the chance to ask your questions, LIVE.

You don’t always have the CEO of Webflow answering your questions about what traction meant for his team.

Except that you do, in First-Time Founder Summit on October 14.

Imagine a summit where:

  • Founders get real about their experience

  • Experts give you the best tools to be on top of your game

  • People from all over the world get together to connect

  • Good vibes rule

Get your ticket now!

See you there 🥳

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