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Raising Funds, Goldup, Be My Cofounder & more

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If you’re looking for fun live events to learn and help grow your startup, you’ve got everything you need this week!!! Book your tickets now, you won’t regret it ;)


🚀 Recruiting From Anywhere Summit 🇬🇧 Dec 2, 4 to 7 PM CEST
Together with AWS, Hiresweet, Remote, Livestorm, Cooptalis,, Talent People

Everything you need to know about recruiting when everyone’s working remotely!
Over a dozen incredible speakers will share their tips, processes, and philosophies on recruiting top talent remotely. It became important with the current pandemic, but it’s going to stay - and this event will inspire you to make the most of the new opportunities.
And of course, it’s a chance to interact with other cool, ambitious entrepreneurs just like you! Don’t miss out 💥

Btw, you know we’re product lovers… especially when they’re really designed to make users happy. So check out the dedicated mobile website for this event. It’s got all the details regarding the speakers, schedule and you can even easily message the other attendees on Slack: ❤️

👀 We’re trying out a new setup for our live events, so come check it out and give us feedback ;)

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🚀 🇬🇧 How To Raise Funds Now Workshop, Nov 30th, 5 to 7pm CEST.
Run by The Family directors 💥
​If you’re getting ready to fundraise, this workshop will give you an efficient fundraising process, wherever you're based.

You’ll learn how to:
🚨Authentically generate a sense of urgency with investors,
📕Control your fundraising narrative,
💥 Stack the deck in your favor to create fundraising momentum
⏰ Close great investors quickly.

💎 It’s free of charge, but seats are limited: 1st come, 1st served.

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💖 🇫🇷 Goldup: The last bootcamp of 2020!
Goldup is the most caring online program for women launching their online business 🌹

Want to launch your online business? Want to do it alongside 400+ other badass women helping each other out?
Goldup has accompanied hundreds of women launching their businesses in just one year.
There are only a few spots left, so hurry ;) 

➡️ Applications for our upcoming 100% online bootcamp (in French, Dec. 1-11) to start your business are closing soon! Apply here.


🔥🇬🇧 Be My Cofounder! Dec 5, 9:45 AM to 2:00 PM CEST.
On Saturday morning, meet your cofounder
200+ ambitious doers have already participated, coming from 14 different countries. The results? Tons of great new connections between founders, so many THANK YOU emails, and at least 4 founding teams that have come out of the last two sessions 💍

It goes like this:
🎲 Welcome by Alice, giving you tips Game Rules
💍 Speed Matching! 7 min face-to-face with at least 20 other cofounders
🎯 Post-event, get access to the contact details of the participants.

So if you have (1) The will to build, (2) An open mind & (3) A good internet connection…
Don’t wait - join us ;)

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What a week, right?
Let’s enjoy it together.


PS: Feel free to ping me whenever you want for more info on any of our events!

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