Two fascinating Good Vibes are coming up 🔥

Good Vibes & Be My Cofounder

Dear friend,

I hope you are doing amazing ✨

October’s started off 🔥 and it’s gonna keep going with some super Good Vibes sessions next week!


🌈 Good Vibes with Ubble
On Monday, we’re with Juliette, cofounder of Ubble 🇬🇧 (12:19pm CEST)

Imagine being able to verify identities online as reliably as if you were face-to-face... Well, Ubble makes that possible! Their mission is to bring real identities to the online world in an easy, reliable way to sustain trust and security on the Internet. Their solution uses live video streaming and computer vision to authenticate both ID documents and their legitimate holders.

➡️ Come ask her all your questions, and network. Book your spot :) 

🌈 Good Vibes with FNDR
On Thursday, we’ve got James, the cofounder of FNDR 🇬🇧 (12:19pm CEST)

Ever wanted to ask questions and learn from the folks responsible for products like the iPod or the iPhone? You’re just 6 days away from having that very opportunity ;) Over the past two decades, James has helped create compelling narratives for some of the most transformational companies. He worked directly with Steve Jobs at Apple every day for over a decade, helping to build the world's most loved brand. It gave him a unique perspective on brands and on constructing the narrative for ground-breaking products like the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, Apps Store & iPad. He founded and was CEO of Apple’s Media Arts Lab, and then went on to work directly with Brian Chesky at Airbnb building the Trips Platform before starting FNDR. 

➡️ Come ask him all your questions, network Book your spot :) 


🔥🇬🇧 Be My Cofounder! November 7th from 9:45am to 2:00pm CEST.
On Saturday morning, find your cofounder ✨

Looking to launch your startup? Hoping to find the 💎 to help you ? Be My Cofounder is just the place. After 6 iterations we’ve found the perfect format and the feedback is AMAZING.

It goes like this:

🎲 Welcome & Game Rules at 9:45am

💍 Speed Matching with potential cofounders from 10:00am - 2:00pm

🎯 Post-event, get access to a private platform where you can find the contact details of all participants and reach out to them!

It’s 100% online, live and interactive. It’s THE opportunity to maximize your chances of discovering people who share your passion and who are also looking for cofounders!

➡️ Get your EARLY BIRD ticket here!


Have a beautiful week ❤️
Virtual kisses & hugs for you!


PS: Feel free to ping me whenever you want for more info on any of our events!

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