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Good Vibes, Goldup & Be My Cofounder

Dear friend,

☀️I hope you had a beautiful weekend!
Whether you are working from home or back at your office, you’ll enjoy joining The Family live and online events! Ready? Go!


🌈Get some Good Vibes of gamers!

On Tuesday, we’re with Tomaso, the cofounder of Platform 🇬🇧(12:19pm CET)

Imagine a cool restaurant in London where you can play video games with your friends or just by yourself, while socializing with other gamers. This young guy has created this place! By the end of this year, they’re gonna have 3 locations. Let’s discover together the creator of London's #1 social gaming experience.

➡️Come ask Tomaso all your questions, and enjoy networking with the participants with a chatroulette. Book you spot :)


💎What makes an amazing customer Experience?

Last week was the Customer Experience Summit and it’s been AMAZING!

Now the conferences are on Youtube: the founder of Guru, the head of Freshworks Europe, the chief strategy officer at Algolia, they all came to give their secrets on creating a memorable customer experience. And if you want my personal favorite… it was ‘Cultivating your company’s CX culture’ with Ali Rayl, in charge of the customer experience of Slack and one of the very first employees of Slack!!!

➡️Learn and make it happen within your company: check all the conferences out here!


💖🇫🇷 Goldup: July’s bootcamp is open for applications!

Goldup is the most caring online program for women launching their online business.

We flooded the internet with the coolest video on the Goldup Bootcamp… even if it’s in French, you’ll get the message: we want to see more companies created by women!!!

➡️Applications for our upcoming 100% online Bootcamp to start your business (July 4th to July 13th) are now open! Apply here

🔥🇬🇧Be My Cofounder!

We’re launching a new Be My Cofounder, with Oussama on Saturday July 4th from 9.45am to 2pm CEST. 100% online, live and interactive.

This event is clearly the best if you’re looking for a cofounder. It’s an opportunity to maximize your chances to discover people who share your passion and are also looking for cofounders!
1- You’ll get feedback on your company ideas.

2 - You’ll discuss problems to tackle with founders who share your interest in a certain industry.

3 - You can also keep the conclusions of those conversations, as well as the contact details of all other 40+ attendees, forever!

We did “Be My Cofounder” 3 times already & the feedback has been unanimously great: more than 10 teams have been created since then and many good business connections are on going  :) 

This Saturday will be a special edition as Oussama will be giving a talk about how to find your cofounder(s) and make sure they are a good fit. 

➡️Get your ticket here!

Let’s make this week a great week ❤️
Virtual kisses & hugs for you!


PS: Feel free to ping me whenever you want!

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